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Augmented Reality Fund – Venture Capital

AR Scandinavia gives you the opportunity to invest in Europe's first AR - fund, a fund which only invests in unlisted AR - companies. The fund is suitable for institutions and other professional investors.


Capital Raising Phase

mo 1-6

The Fund will raise maximum 1 billion SEK. In order to run the Fund efficient and maximizing market opportunities it will not accept more funding.

Investment Phase

mo 6-18

Investments will be made in Scandinavia and in the rest of the world primarily focusing on Europe.

Exit Phase

ye 3-5

During this phase, we will actively seek exit opportunities for our investments through IPO:s and other options.

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What are we looking for?

Exceptional Teams

We invest in the most competent and innovative teams available. Teams with competent and dedicated management, teams with highly skilled employees, teams with the right attitude, culture and vision.


We invest in companies with services or products that have the potential to penetrate globally.

Unique products/services

We invest in products or services that are at the forefront and have a unique position in the market.

The Fund

Investments in early-stage phases

We invest in companies' early investment phases: seed, early stage and A-rounds.

Diversified portfolio with 40-50 holdings

In order to achieve good diversification and to reduce the risk, the portfolio will consist of several different companies.

1-100M SEK investments

The size of the initial investment may vary greatly depending on the Company we invest in. Our ambition is to participate in the entire life circle of the Company and we reserve capital for the Company's future financing rounds. In a normal case, we invest 50% day 1 and reserve 50% of the capital for future rounds.


Investment Committee

In order to structure the management, an investment committee has been established. The Committee is responsible for screening and possible interviews. The Committee then conducts a thorough evaluation together with ARscandinavia AB's experts, advisors and relevant key people before any negotiation regarding an investment with the Company is initiated.


ARscandinavia AB uses specific advisors as part of the investment process. These advisors contribute with invaluable knowledge as well as advice in areas such as technical aspects, financial evaluation and general questions regarding AR/VR.

Key players

ARscandinavia AB has tied up individuals to the Company who possesses knowledge and experience that are necessary in the investment process.

Investment process

Screening & Analysis

A screening and analysis through interviews, demonstrations and evaluations is carried out by the Investment Committee together with the Advisors and the Key people.

DD and deal structure

If there is interest, negotiations with the Company will begin. Preferably AR Scandinavia AB becomes the lead investor and receives large discounts on the valuation as well as an option to buy more equity of the Company in the future with the exact same terms. Before the possible transaction is carried out a solid due diligence process is completed.


Between years 2-5, ARscandinavia AB is actively looking for interesting exit opportunities. ARscandinavia AB can also actively assist with its expertise in the process of an IPO or similar.