What is Augmented Reality?

Lately, the development of Augmented Reality (AR) has really accelerated. Major players have made statements about AR's enormous importance for the future. Many analysts mean that we are now facing the next major technology revolution - AR.

Augmented Reality means that you see the real world but which is enhanced with digital content. The AR/VR - technology will change our everyday lives far more than what the smartphone and the internet did. What makes AR so exciting is that it will affect all industries; education, industry, health care, games, etc. It will change how we learn things, how we work, how we make decisions and how we integrate with the physical world.

The technology has great potential and only a fraction of what can be done has been developed so far. AR/VR is not the future. It's happening NOW..


Get a better understanding of what AR is by watching one of the following videos:


Watch Microsoft view on AR through their HoloLens

AR can make the everyday life easier in many sectors and jobs

Future fieldwork


Growth Sector

Major analysts estimate that the AR/VR sector will have a market size of 200 billion USD within a few years. It is in the interest of every Company, Organization and Investor to look closer at this market.


Mobile users AR - 1 billion 2018

1/3 out of all mobile users have already tried AR. Today, 75% are monthly users of AR. This shows what kind of an impact the market will have within the next few years.


The Tech Giants

AR - technology plays a major role in their strategy work for the future and they invest billions into AR development.


Investors show interest

3.6 billion USD was invested in 2017 in AR/VR - an increase of over 250% from 2015-2017.


Fortune 1000 companies are all enthusiastic

The majority of 1000 Fortune companies that started implementing AR technology have already begun to see high ROI on their investments. They testify about benefits such as: education, cost savings, higher efficiency, major competitive advantages and greater customer benefit.


Mobile AR is dominant right now, but sales of AR glasses have been tenfold in 2018.



The Gigantic List of Augmented Reality Use Cases

AR/VR/XR startups raise record $3.6 billion in last 12 months as market transition accelerates