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How do I buy shares in your Funds?

Augmented Reality Fund – Venture Capital

Register your interest on our website or contact us by phone or email: We will then contact you as soon as possible to give you more detailed information and assist you in the process of investing.

Augmented Reality Fund – Mutual Fund

The fund will be available through a variety of channels and partners. To purchase fund units, contact us directly, or trade the Fund through any of our partners.


How do I sell my shares of the Funds?

Augmented Reality Fund – Venture Capital

Investors are invested throughout the whole lifetime of the Fund and investors should therefore have an investment horizon of at least 5 years.

Augmented Reality Fund – Aktiefond

Fonden handlas dagligen och som investerare säljer man på motsvarande sätt som man köpte sina andelar.

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Who are suitable investors of the fund?

Augmented Reality Fund – Venture Capital

Professional investors.

Augmented Reality Fund – Mutual Fund

The fund is suitable for anyone who wants to be a part of the growth of the Augmented Reality sector.


How do you earn money?

The fund has an annual fee and a performance fee. This is to ensure that the managers and the investors have the same interest. If the fund increases in value all parties stand to benefit.

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What is minimum/maximum investment?

Augmented Reality Fund – Venture Capital

The minimum investment is SEK 500,000. To discuss an investment of a lower amount please contact us. There is no maximum amount. However, we want to achieve a diversification of ownership and investments in excess of SEK 300 million must be approved by the Board. The fund will manage a maximum of SEK 1 billion.

Augmented Reality Fund – Mutual Fund

The minimum investment is 100 SEK.


How do I find out the value of my holdings?

Our website will provide information about the companies in which we invest. These companies may change over time.

Augmented Reality Fund – Mutual Fund

The fund's value is updated daily and you can follow the development through the channel you bought it, such as Avanza for example.